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Sapphire | Enhancement Polish - Detailers Juice

Sapphire | Enhancement Polish

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Sapphire | Enhancement Polish


  • Extreme durability
  • Made from the highest grade of carnauba wax
  • Ultra gloss levels from a single application
  • Hydrophobic repellency
  • Can be used to remove light swirl marks.

Can be used for machine polishing.

How to use:

  • Ensure your vehicle is clean and dry before applying.
  • Focus on a panel at a time, using a small amount which will go a long way to an applicator and spread evenly in circular motions. 
  • Allow to cure for a few minutes and then buff off with a microfiber cloth resulting in a high gloss wet look shine. 

Detailers Juice Tip:

A bottle of our Sapphire works well with our polish applicators to ensure a safe application on to your paintwork.