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RAFFLE Detailers Juice | Superior Kit - Detailers Juice

RAFFLE Detailers Juice | Superior Kit

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Please note purchase is not for a superior kit unless you have won this raffle. Raffle winner will be based on your order number and will be a random generator when drawn.

Detailers Juice | Superior Kit

Item includes spray triggers when purchased.

This kit includes:

1 x Citrus Pre-wash 500ml

1 x Renew Tyre Shine 500ml

1 x Nano Spray Coat 500ml (As nano is sold out this will be replaced with our Bumblebead spray wax)

1 x Lustrous Quick Detailer 500ml

1 x Revitaliser Wheel Cleaner 500ml

1 x Cherry Polar Foam 500ml

1 x Reviver Interior Cleaner 500ml

1 x Jellybean Shampoo 500ml

1 x Pristine Glass Cleaner 500ml


postage will be refunded once you have purchased ticket.