Jellybean Super Suds Shampoo

  • £8.99

Detailers Juice Jellybean Super Suds Shampoo

Our ultra-gloss enhancing shampoo.

This shampoo is PH Neutral

Not only is this product jellybean scented which smells divine. But we have formulated this product with the perfect blends of waxes to leave your car waxed and protected. Did we mention extremely glossy looking too?

This shampoo is easy to use

If you like lots of suds, this product is for you.

Designed to rapidly lift ingrained dirt, grime and traffic film, we have made this extremely cost effecting for extra economy and added performance.

We recommend using 2 caps per wash.

How do I use this product?

  • Once vehicle is pre-washed, apply 2 caps to your bucket and fill. 
  • Clean vehicle starting from the top working downwards.
  • Rinse vehicle with clean water and dry with our juicy microfiber drying towel to reveal a nice clean glossy wet look shine.