Full Juice Kit - Detailers Juice

Full Juice Kit

  • £265.00

This kit is full of goodies which you cannot miss out on! 

We are proud to present this kit which includes ALL our 500ML products and 3 air fresheners! Become a pro detailer with this kit. 

Kit comes with spray heads, drying towel, micro fibre cloth, car sticker and a wash mitt.


The following products are included:


1 x Polar foam

1 x Cherry infusion Shampoo

1 x Rejuvenate interior cleaner

1 x Jellybean Super Suds Shampoo

1 x Citrus pre-wash

1 x Pristine glass cleaner

1 x Nano Spray coat

1 x Easy peasy lemon squeezy plastics cleaner

1 x Foamy Banana Shampoo

1 x Bumblebead spray wax

1 x Gloss 'N' Glaze spray polish

1 x Renew Tyre Dressing

1 x Bubblegum wash and wax shampoo

1 x Revitaliser Wheel cleaner

1 x Azure Trim Gel

1 x Luminous deep gloss polish

1 x Bubblegum Polar

1 x Pink Sheen Spray polish

1 x Lustrous Quick Detailer

1 x Crimson Rain Iron Fall out remover

1 x Vivid carpet and upholstery cleaner

1 x Eliminate Tar and glue remover

1 x Reviver interior cleaner

1 x Sapphire Enhancement polish

3 x Air fresheners / Pear drops, Cherry bomb and Jellybean