Crimson Rain Iron Fallout Remover

  • £9.99

Detailers Juice Crimson Fall Out Remover

Our crimson is a very special product, aimed to decontaminate with its chemical ability to remove iron oxide particles from a surface without having to remove them mechanically. These particles are loosened up via a chemical process that allows them to be rinsed off safely. Safe for your cars bodyworks and wheels.

This product is PH balanced.

With crimsons fast acting properties we are able to remove brake dust and iron contaminations in just one step.

How do I use this product?

  • Spray on surface (Bodywork, Wheels)
  • Leave to soak, you will see the product activating when turning purple.
  • Agitate with a detailing brush if required.
  • Rinse of with a power washer, hose or a bucket wash.