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Bumblebead | Spray Wax

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Bumblebead | Spray Wax

Item includes a spray trigger when purchased.

Bumblebead is guaranteed to leave your car feeling smooth and silky. This product offers a new level of shine through its wax and hydrophobic properties. While ensuring a smear free finish without making your car feel 'greasy'. 

Ideal for removing light dust and fingerprints whilst offering durability and added protection in all seasons. A fantastic product to use on the go or once your vehicle has been washed and dried.

A must for your detailing bags or even for topping up that shine at shows!


  • Increased gloss enhancement on your paintwork
  • Easy to use, simply spray and wipe
  • Economical (very little product required per panel) 
  • Sweet fruity scent

How to use:

  • Ensure vehicle is cleaned and dry before use
  • Spray onto one panel at a time ( a few sprays required per panel )
  • Buff off with a micro fibre cloth for instant results.

Detailers Juice Tip:

 Our bumblebead works exceptionally well with our microfibre cloths, find them on our accessories page!