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Shampoo | Banana Suds | High Foaming - DISCONTINUED - Detailers Juice

Shampoo | Banana Suds | High Foaming - DISCONTINUED

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Shampoo | Banana Suds | High Foaming

The ultimate gloss in a bottle! This shampoo offers extreme gloss finishes. If you like banana’s then this one is for you! This shampoo is designed to rapidly lift ingrained dirt, grime and traffic film. We have made this extremely cost effective for extra economy and added performance.


  • Banana scented
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Extreme gloss finishes

How to use:

Fill up your wash bucket; add 1-2 caps of Foamy Banana Shampoo, clean vehicle starting from the top working downwards. Once you have hand washed the whole vehicle begin to rinse the vehicle with clean water.


Detailers Juice Tip:

Try drying your vehicle with our Juicy Drying Towel! Or use our Nano coating for 4 months of added protection!