Cherry Polar | Snow Foam | Extremely Thick

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Get your taste buds tingling with our Cherry scented Polar Foam which is very intense and gives off a sweet cherry berry aroma. Don’t be fooled by the sweet smells this product is NOT edible.

Polar Foam, Our PH neutral Snow Foam that is best used through our Detailers Juice Snow Foam Lance in either the 1L or 2L size. Well known for producing thick foams that cling to your vehicle by breaking down and removing road grime and dirt.

Polar Foam is safe on any paintwork and will not strip waxes, sealants or any protection already in place on the vehicle surface.


  • Superior cleaning power
  • Breaks down and removes dirt and road grime
  • Benefits your safe wash process
  • Long dwell times
  • Cherry scented


How to use:


Add between 20ML – 100ML to your Detailers Juice snow foam lance, and then fill with warm water. Apply to your vehicle ensuring you have covered all areas. Leave to dwell on your car for around 5 – 15 minutes.

Once dwelled begin to rinse off the remaining foam away from the vehicles surface until there is no foam left.

Detailers Juice Tip:

We strongly recommend using our snowfoam lance with Polar.

Why not use our Citrus Pre-wash after applying Polar Foam.