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Citrus | Pre-wash | Fast Activating

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Citrus | Pre-wash | Fast Activating

Item includes a spray trigger when purchased.

Say bye-bye to bug splats, flies, traffic film, tree sap and general dirt from your vehicle with our Citrus pre-wash.

Detailers Juice Citrus Pre-wash is one of the fastest activating products on the market!!



  • Fast activating
  • Targets key areas to remove unwanted debris
  • De-greases and cleans in one application
  • Can we applied on your bodywork
  • Perfect to wipe down on engines

How to use:

Use this product in either a foamer or spray directly from our bottle. Spray Citrus directly onto the surface of your vehicle. Leave to soak for roughly 30 seconds, this will activate the product to remove any debris on your vehicle. Then rinse of your entire vehicle until clean.

Detailers Juice Tip:

After this stage, give one of our shampoo’s a whirl for that extra added protection.